Monday, April 7, 2008

Busy Weekend

Amanda posted about how busy and fun her weekend was. Mine was busy and fun too...unless you count the 10 hours my dad and I spent working on the Paws on the Run financials on Sunday. Geesh. The sad thing is, I'm still not done yet. I have to figure out one last thing in Quickbooks before I can say year end is complete. The good news is, we have actually made money these past few months. Not alot, but we didn't lose money. :)

So no fun pictures from the weekend but we had a good visit with my Dad and his wife Shelley. They made a trip out so they could house hunt in Cranbrook last week. They actually bought one and will be moving out from Vancouver in June. We'll be able to meet in the Crowsnest Pass and go hiking together this summer. I'm pretty excited.

In Lacey news, her feet are not bothering her at all! The vet warned that they would get pretty itchy around 8-10 days after the surgery but she hasn't been licking or chewing them at all. I'm so happy. I've seen some pretty infected feet before and it doesn't look fun.

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onecollie said...

Ah yes, the days of doing the books for the business.....all over with now!!! Smirk, Smirk!