Monday, April 28, 2008

Walk, walks and more walks

What a beautiful weekend! I am definitely read for Spring. Me and the girls had a great weekend going for walks. We went on three seperate walks, with three seperate friends. Saturday afternoon we met Marja and Tundra (Coulee's best friend) for a walk in Peenaquim. I didn't take my camera so there is no pictures but suffice it to say they had lots of fun racing around and eating goose poop. Sunday morning we met Deirdre, Cricket and Jetta, again at Peenaquim.
We were out for almost 2 hours and the girls had a blast racing around and meeting lots of new dogs. Then Sunday afternoon, I took Perkins (who was visiting for the day) out to Park Lake with Jolene and Tate. I figured the girls had had enough exercise and I didn't want to hold more than 1 leash with the camera.Turns out I didn't take many pictures so I could have handled another dog but oh well. Next time.

This whole time poor Sam (Amanda's dog) was stuck at home. He can't run around too much but he did manage to have some fun in the backyard.


onecollie said...

Look at that huge smile on Sam's face.....looks like he had tons of fun, even if he didn't get to go for a walk!

Sarah said...

looks like a fun weekend for all, even sam looks like he enjoyed himself!!