Saturday, April 12, 2008

Great Day

I had a great day today. The sun was shining, it was wonderfully warm and I didn' have to work! Me and the girls met Marja and Tundra this morning for a dog walk. Coulee and Lacey were both very well behaved, if you don't count eating goose poop as being bad. Coulee and Tundra ran around like maniacs and Lacey desperately tried to keep up. She was definitely being treated like the younger sister no one really wanted to include. Poor girl. She ran down a bank to join them in the river and then couldn't get back up. Thankfully she figured out to run along the shore until there was an easier place to get back out. We ran into Jack, a daycare buddy, who was just as wild at the park as he is at daycare.

Then after a brief stop at Starbucks (for Sandy but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to get one for myself too!) and the daycare I went home. The girls crashed and I did fun things like pick up poop, try and rinse Lacey's pee off the deck, read a book and knit. And then I napped. It was wonderful. I used to nap every day but I haven't napped in a long time.

Now, I'm just at the daycare so I can drive a few dogs home and then I'm back home for a BBQ dinner and a few movies. I can't wait!


onecollie said...

Sounds like a positively perfect day!!!

Sarah said...

awwwww sounds great, hopefully you are somewhat recharged, it sure helped me to get out this weekend, and be able to finally put my feet up!!