Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Supposed to be working

I am supposed to be working, but I'm not. I'm dreaming of summer. I can't wait to start hiking and camping again. It will have been 2 years since we went camping (except for the 2 night canoe trip we did last year). I just realized that now we will be sleeping with 2 dogs in a little tent instead of just one. Good thing Lacey is small! We might have to listen to Coulee grumbling all night every time Lacey touches her. That won't be fun.

Coulee and I did do a few hikes together the first year I started pet sitting. Some days I didn't have any jobs so we were able to slip away for the day. She is great to hike with. Her bad leash manners actually are a blessing as she hauls you up the mountain. The way down isn't as fun but that is what an easy walk harness is for!

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Sarah said...

i am heading west this weekend, i don't care where just somewhere with elevation and perhaps water!


its been a long fing week