Monday, April 14, 2008


Nice subject eh? Lacey has been retching in the middle of the night. It sounds like she is bringing up tonnes of stuff but after flying out of bed a few nights in a row to find nothing, we no longer even check. We know there won't be anything there. So after talking to a vet and googling "dry heaves dog", We are going to try her on a different food. We noticed when we brought her home from the vet after being spayed and having her teeth pulled, we fed her wet food so she didn't irritate her teeth. And for the 3 days when she ate this food, she didn't retch. So I'm trying a new food to see if that helps.

It could also be all the junk she eats - we have litter that blows into the backyard and the out door area of the daycare and it never fails, she will find even the smallest piece of "whatever" and eat it.

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