Thursday, April 17, 2008

One Last Rally

So last night was our last Rally class night. Sarah set out a long(er) course for us and then marked our performance. Lacey did pretty good for being such a little tyke. Her "sits" and "downs" are really good and she is learning to walk by my least when I have treats!

After running through the course once, we traded dogs and did the course again. I had the "pleasure" of working with Sawyer. Margaret sure has her hands full with him. His attention span is non-existent. We were practicing on the side and he was sitting and laying down for me great but the moment we walked on course his head started swiveling in every direction. It was interesting to handle a dog with different challenges than both Lacey and Coulee - it gave me a great appreciation for how knowledgable instructors need to be in order to have practical solutions and training tips for all kinds of dogs.

Jolene took Lacey on the course. They were pretty cute together. I noticed Jolene talks in the same "baby talk" I use with Lacey - it must be impossible to use a different voice or something! Before Jolene started the course I had to finally admit that Lacey doesn't actually have words for any of the commands, other than sit, down and stand. She heels pretty good on her own and I just use lures to get her into place. heh heh. I guess I need to work on that...oh yeah...and she needs to learn to stay. Sarah wasn't impressed. :)


Kim said...

Lacy did so well at her first "competition". She tries so hard and is sooo cute to watch. Good job Lacey!!

Sarah said...


Lacy did great, she is going to be a GREAT little rally dog, he heeling even with treats is REALLY good, I wold steal her ... she reminds me of a young, non-koo koo version of jane at that age, always willing.

you had some of the best releases of the stations, and Lacy responds AWESOME to that, which is why she does so good for her age, and why teaching her to stay will be no problem ....

so HOW are those stays coming?