Friday, April 25, 2008

Easily Riled

I sent my thoughts to Chapters and Amazon this morning. I got an immeditate response from Amazon that makes me believe they didn't even read the message, they just have a computer search through e-mails and respond accordingly with a form letter. I guess I expected more.

The response I got from Chapters seemed a little bit more sincere, although I'm sure another form letter. Here is what Chapters had to say.

Dear Wendy Devent,

Thank you for your recent email. Please be assured that we have thoroughly considered your position on this matter. As a major bookseller in this country we recognize that we are seen and appreciated as a place which supports the free flow of ideas, information and writing. Mindful of this, we have always looked to carry the broadest possible selection of titles in our stores, and to make available at almost every title available in print. We make exceptions only under the following conditions which we have always been clear about:

1. We will not, to the best of our knowledge, sell child pornography.

2. We will not, to the best of our knowledge, sell material which provides detailed information on how to create weapons of mass destruction.

3. We will not, to the best of our knowledge, sell books which have as their sole intent the incitement toward the annihilation of whole groups within society.

We want to confirm that we do not endorse the book, carry it in our retail stores nor promote it or other books of its nature actively.

We appreciate your feedback and hope we are able to serve you in the future.

Jennifer 7453

This was my response back

I appreciate your comments about censorship and free speech. I truly do. But this book is not just about an illegial activity, it is a book explaining how to carry one out. I am sure you have books that discuss issues such as drug use, historic robberies and how to cope with child abuse but I doubt you carry books that explain how to shoot up drugs, or how to rob a bank, or how to abuse someone. As a business owner myself, I am very concious of issues that are my personal beliefs and I make a point of not pushing those beliefs on my clients or demanding that my clients share them. But at the same time, as a business owner, I have the right to refuse selling something because I don't agree with their practices or its nature. If you sold every book ever published, I might be able accept the censorship arguement but you don't. I'm assuming you chose to carry books that you believe will bring you profit. By selling this book, I hope you keep in mind you are loosing profit from other books, from other clients that are no longer shopping in your stores.

Wendy Devent

Can you tell I'm a little annoyed?

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Sarah said...

i hear ya sister, i'm glad you did that.