Monday, April 21, 2008

Indoor Weekend

Well it wasn't a very exciting weekend. I started sneezing on Friday night and woke up Saturday morning with an awful cold. Marlin went to the store for videos and medicine and I pretty much spent the weekend on the couch.

The girls had a blast in the snow. Lacey always managed to get absolutely covered - which isn't hard when the snow is almost higher than you are - and she bunny hopped all over the backyard. She had serious zoomies every time they went outside. I'm glad someone was having fun! Her retching has improved but we can't seem to keep her belly from getting empty. We are feeding her three times a day with the last feeding immediately before bed but she still retches at 3 a.m. so we feed her more. Which means that we reduce the amount of food in the rest of her meals, which means she starts to retch earlier because there isn't as much food in her stomach. It feels like a never ending cycle! I'm not sure if we should switch her to cheaper food so we can feed her more or what. Seems a little silly but I'm not sure what else to do. Amanda suggested some wet food because it has lots of moisture and less calories so maybe we'll try that.

After spending the weekend with boring old me, they sure had a lot of fun at daycare today. Coulee is winking in the picture because a black lab was wagging his tail in her face. If I hadn't been holding a toy, she never would have put up with that.


onecollie said...

What about trying something like unsalted soda crackers with Lacey?? could be her 3 am snack.....hope you're feeling better.

Sarah said...

what about even pumpkin, its a good filler, and even less calorie that wet food - some CAN be high fat etc, but more moisture is a good idea - or wet her last meal of kibble so it expands, maybe it will make her feel fuller??