Friday, April 13, 2012

Look! - A to Z Challenge

Lacey is the dog that is most likely to spot anything out of the ordinary at the park.  Coulee is way too fixated on me and the fact that I might throw at toy to be aware much of her surroundings.

I saw a small dark object moving at the end of the path and my first thought was "Skunk!" (I saw one the other day right around this area), but I zoomed in with the camera and could tell it was a cat.  I knew the girls wouldn't get into too much trouble with a cat, so I didn't bother to leash them.  Lacey spotted it and froze and stood there watching it from a distance. (The cat is the dark blob at the end of the path)

I didn't move as I was hoping the cat would just wander away and it eventually did.  Lacey never gave chase and Coulee only became aware there was something amiss when we got to the spot in the path where the cat had been hanging out.  They both sniffed a bit in the grasses but then walked away once they realized it was nothing exciting.


Taryn said...

Cats are about the MOST desired critters to chase as far as my guys are concerned. It's instant insanity when they spot the neighbor's cat!

Cedar said...

Chase the cat, save a song-bird ;)

Andrea said...

I love what the color of the path does for this photo!

Mary Lou said...

I love Lacey's pointy ears.... Have I ever mentioned that before? They remind me of my "blond"-furred BEAUTIFULLY UNIQUE German Shepherd/Golden Retriever cross, Shadow's!! ;op