Saturday, April 14, 2012

Mutton Madness - A to Z Challenge

I was hoping to show you pictures of Coulee sheep herding today but it was a total failure.  

I went up to Okotoks and Phantom Ridge Border Collies to photograph a Herding Instinct test and at the last minute, decided to enter one of the girls.  I decided on trying to let Coulee's inner border collie out.  I think it is hidden deep, deep inside.

Coulee took all of these pictures with her collar cam...

Coulee eying up the sheep from outside the pen.

Louanne, inviting us in.

Coulee checking out her "Peanut Gallery" before going off to the sheep.

Heading towards the sheep for the first time.

Getting closer but being pulled along by Louanne. I'll have to see the video to be sure, but I don't think she was scared, just unsure and not really interested.  She then spotted me and came running.

We decided I needed to help. So that is me herding the sheep while Coulee watches from across the pen.

Showing some interest....

But not really...  More herding needed from me.  If you are wondering by my hunched over position, I have my 100 lbs camera in my arms as I wasn't really prepared for this!

It almost looks like she knows what she is doing...

Hanging out with me, but not going forward on her own.

Look Coulee - these are nice sheep.  See?

Quick butt sniff....

And more herding by me...

She showed zero, zip, nadda interest in the sheep.  She didn't even bark at them.  It was like they were the most boring thing in the world.  Thankfully I went in with almost no expectations - I wasn't sure she would be able to do what she was supposed to, but I was a little surprised she didn't even chase them.

Next time, I'll bring Lacey instead.

Oh and the sexy pants are Marlin's rain pants... It was snowing on and off all day so I wore them to stay dry and hopefully warm.  They work like a charm but are the least attractive article of clothing ever created.

All these pics are straight out of the camera - I can't even be bothered to straighten or lighten as needed. I woke up feeling like crap and it is just getting worse as the day goes on.  So enjoy these for now, and I'll probably post a few "real herding dogs" tomorrow.


Hydro Blogger said...

Great shots Coulee! Wendy did you ever think you'd trade places with her (herder/cameraperson)? :)

Sarah B.

onecollie said...

hope you feel better !
if it is any consolation I cracked up at this post, Coulee is an excellent photographer, takes after her mama!

Taryn said...

Coulee says....Not by the hair of my chinny-chin-chin, do I herd sheep!

Her hairy little snout is just so cute in all those pictures. Does she not chase deer when you are out on a hike? I can't believe she wouldn't at least view them as prey, even if she didn't show herding behaviors.

My guys LOVE herding...Too bad it is SO expensive.

deb said...

Great job herding Wendy! Glad Coulee was there to capture the moment! Did you pass your herding instinct test? LOL You look like a natural - pants, camera and all.

Mary Lou said...

This blog post was hilarious!! Seriously. Hilarious!! ;-}
Just remember that Coulee is not a purebred Border Coulee. She also has Golden Retriever within her DNA!! And from what I have learned by reading this blog, Coulee has seemingly stronger "fetching" instincts than "herding"!! There is nothing wrong with that!! ;op