Saturday, October 6, 2012

BC - Part III

So we went back to this beach again today and I took a TONNE of photos and I realized I never finished blogging the original ones!  So here goes....

This is what Coulee wore while hunting down the coyote.  

You can never have too many shaking pictures

She becoming so good at modelling, she even has the words pointing the right way and she cleaned it off.  ;)

Oh the joy of a little stick.

REFLECTIONS - I love them!

I don't think this part of her gait is attractive but I love how her reflective feet touch her real ones.


K-Koira said...

I love reflection pictures too. I find they are way easier first thing in the morning, right after sunrise, something to do with the angles of the sun to the water to the camera or something. And I find it hilarious to imagine Coulee chasing down the coyote with that giant ring on her head.

Taryn said...

Me, too! Another reflection lover! Great shots! That looks like a wonderful place for a walk...well, except for the coyote...