Friday, October 19, 2012

Scouting Help

I have a session this weekend out at Park Lake.  While I walk here often, where I go is probably not the best for photos, so yesterday the girls and I explored another section of the park and I attempted to get some fall portraits of them.

Way to ruin the shot Lacey.  :)

 And then it was Coulee's turn to photobomb.

Lacey thinks posing is for losers... she'd much rather roll around in the leaves.  I never did go over and see what it was she was rolling in. I hope it wasn't too nasty.

Contemplating if she should roll again, or move on...  I believe she chose to roll again.  :)

I tend to shoot with the sun directly at my back but I know "people photographers" tend to shoot with the sun directly in front of them (and at their subject's back).  I'm trying to figure out how to do this, but am not having much luck.  I don't mind the black and white.

I have trouble getting the camera to focus on a moving subject when shooting into the sun.  Coulee is only walking so it managed, but a trot would probably be too much for it.

Coulee got a few frisbee throws and that was it, so in order to play with Lacey without Coulee I just needed to find another "toy" that Coulee wouldn't want.  Voila - a fetching Lacey without Coulee joining in.  Although without Coulee wanting the toy, Lacey's excitement for the stick lasted for exactly one throw. LOL.

I couldn't resist asking Lacey to climb on top of a few tables.

See how much she enjoys posing and looking at the camera?  Yeah.  Not so much.


Taryn said...

Jimmy never wants to look at the camera, either! For every shot you see of him actually eyeing the camera, I took another 20 shots of him looking everywhere else. It doesn't matter what I say, wanna....He still turns his head away.

Wilson, on the other hand, has it all figured out, and looks at me every time.

Paws on the Run said...

Ha ha! I can attempt "magic" words like cookie to get her to look, but I only get one chance to say it if I don't any with me. After that I'm screwed. With Coulee she has generally dropped a toy at my feet and is waiting for me to throw, so eye contact is no problem. And asking any question at all generates a head tilt. :)

K-Koira said...

Pallo used to refuse to look at the camera (maybe its a short legged thing?). I don't really know how I trained him to pose so awesomely, but he really rocks at it now. Its hard to believe he used to look away and move constantly. I think it might be that I sort of used the shutter of the camera as a clicker, and he got a treat if the camera clicked. The camera only clicked if he was doing something I wanted a picture of (being still and looking at me, generally). It wasn't super purposeful, but it did seem to make a huge difference.

As for shooting with the sun behind the subject- I have the same problem, my camera has trouble finding focus in that situation. And, I don't like how the colors end up looking normally. I think a lot of portrait photographers who do it end up doing a lot in post to really make their subject pop and get the saturation (probably have actions set up to do it automatically more or less).

WigglyZack said...

Lacey is so cute doing the sticky dance!!!!