Sunday, October 21, 2012

Research Station

We tried to go to the beach today.  It was kind of a bust, but I'll save that for another post.  When we were on our way home though, we swung by the Research Station Park to see what the trees looked like.  When I came out here a month ago with Marlin and the girls the trees were all green even though on all the properties around it, they were a glorious yellow.  I was disappointed, but vowed to come back.  I'm so glad I did although I was almost too late.

Coulee has become quite the little poser.  I do a short frisbee throw to where I want her to stand.  She runs, gets it, brings it back, drops it at my feet and then runs back to the spot where it had landed last time and stares at me in anticipation of my next throw.  A snap a few pictures with the frisbee at my feet, then throw the frisbee to her as a reward.  She catches it and we wander to the next spot and repeat the process. It is enough to keep her entertained and wanting more, but involves very little running.


onecollie said...

awww, I like the last one, she looks so sweet !

WigglyZack said...

Wow, Coulee and scenery behind her are true fall colours - gorgeous

Andrea said...

Your plan explains why she looks like she is so patiently waiting in each photo!