Sunday, October 28, 2012


Apparently, I'm a little behind in blogging.  When you last saw us, it was still a beautiful autumn but then Tuesday arrived - along with 22 cm of snow.  I had the morning off, so I missed the horrible commute to work and it would have been insanity to drive to a park, so we just played in the backyard and in the park behind the house.

Lacey loves the snow, but her monitoring duties can't be neglected either.  She's looking for "doxie" who lives in the house behind us.

 Once Lacey determined the coast was clear, we headed out the back gate to the park.

 Lacey ran around for a bit...

But then her obsession with the other homes with dogs kicked in and I couldn't distract her away.  She runs down the fence line and sits outside their gate waiting for a dog to come out to bark at.  Thankfully all the other dogs were curled up warmly inside and she wasn't rewarded.

Needless to say, after she ignored me and couldn't be enticed into playing, she ended up hanging out in our backyard by herself while Coulee got to have fun in the park.

It is impossible to tell if Coulee's feet are in an upswing or if it is the snow.  But she has NOT been sore at all this week after playing in the snow.  :)

She has been getting the dreaded "snow toes" though which she'll stop to pick at but then leap to action at the drop of a hat.

In snow this deep, a frisbee is a necessity so we don't lose it.  All the other toys sink below the snow and if Coulee isn't paying attention we tend to lose them.  I lost a lot of toys a few winters back - but I think I've learned my lesson.

It is supposed to warm up this week so in a few days I expect everything will be wet and muddy.  Until then, we'll keep enjoying the white stuff.


Stacey said...

I wish we had snow that impressive.. and it's not even winter yet! Wow

K-Koira said...

Love the snow. Wish we got some around here. I guess I'll just have to enjoy it through you guys though.

onecollie said...

I like the way the leaves are poking out of the fence, very prettty!