Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Story Unfolds

Coulee and Wicca are racing for the toy.

Coulee appears to be slowing down, while Wicca is speeding up.  I wonder why?

Oh I see.  There is competition coming from the other direction.  Coulee's "rules" dictate that if the other dog is getting the toy fair and square, you let them. Wicca's "rules" dictate that if the other dog is about to get the toy you intimidate them into backing off.

Wicca is so distracted by Vito that she over shoots the toy.

Coulee sees her chance...

But apparently Coulee changed her mind. I must have stopped clicking in fear of bloodshed as Pixel has suddenly made an arrival on the scene to help bring the frisbee back home.

Wicca eyes up the Brit (aka the new competition) coming in from the left as apparently Pixel, Vito and Coulee aren't a threat.


manymuddypaws said...

thats real good for Wiccas shoulder. geez.

she is such a nut.

Taryn said...

Sort of following up on Amanda's comment, I was going to say that it is kind of scary to catch their action in freeze frame because you sure see some frightening body positions! My guys scare me on a daily basis when we play fetch in the yard.

onecollie said...

lol! these were cool!!