Monday, October 8, 2012

Too Many Photos

Marlin and I finally made it to the beach together.  He went last weekend when I was out and had a tonne of fun.  We were going to go camping this past weekend but after looking at the weather forecast, we decided it was a weekend better made for day trips, than for camping.  So on Saturday we made a trip to the beach.  The dogs were thrilled and I have way too many photos!  Happy dogs combined with a new camera means click, click, click!

 When we first got there it was cold and was raining off and on.  But that just made the dogs even friskier!

With someone else there, I was able to get the dogs doing something other than running to me.  I haven't looked closely at Lacey's profile in ages. I think her chest is getting bigger!

This photo makes me smile every time I look at it.  I love the front paw and the back paw and the cute little grin on her face.

Coulee doesn't even seem to mind she doesn't have the toy!

Marlin had the job of playing with Lacey and keeping Coulee occupied as well.  I just sat back and enjoyed the fun.

The new camera has a pretty awesome focusing system that I still haven't figured out. But it was the camera's awesomeness that got this shot and not me. I'll be reading the manual to make sure I optimize it!

Some days, Lacey really isn't very graceful!

Coulee is wondering if she dropped the frisbee in an OK place as Marlin has obviously not instantly reached for it.  LOL.

Hello!  Over here!

And we are off again!  The sand does amazing things to Lacey's stamina.

Coulee is so oblivious to her feet when she is out running around. We got carried away with the fetching.  We only played at the beginning and the end (when we ran into friends) but it was still too much.  We all just get caught up in the moment.  I was hoping the sand would been easier on her feet, but from her movements the next day, it was not the case.

Even more fetching photos to come later this afternoon and then tomorrow there will be some of the friends we ran into!


Taryn said...

So these were using the camera's auto-focus? I wonder if that is one of the big differences between the EOS (amateur series) vs the pro lines. I often feel my EOS isn't very good with finding what to focus on and it picks odd subjects. Next time, I think I'll go for the pro, but I wasn't ready when I got the EOS. Too afraid I wouldn't use it enough. LOL!

Taryn said...

Oh, and the toy my guys have in their beach photos is a Chuck It Bumper....they float great and are easy to spot.

Paws on the Run said...

I always use AF. I took a course once that suggested manual focus for action but I decided my subjects were too erratic for that. I thought the 7d did a pretty good job at getting the right focus, but I think with this one set up properly, it will do an even better job.

Ahhh. That's what they are called! I forgot. We have one too. I like how high in the water it floats.

Andrea said...

Just wow!