Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Gang

The frisbee landed on the only dog that didn't actually want it.  LOL

Izzy thought the beach was a little cold and sandy for her liking.

When Wicca had the frisbee, everyone just fell in line.

Lacey mainly stayed out of the mayhem, but she occasionally welcomed them back.  :)

Coulee showing Brit how it's done.  (The next shot showed the frisbee on the ground but I won't embarrass her by showing you that.)

Pixel was always glued to Wicca's side when she had the toy in case she needed assistance carrying it back.

We realized after Lacey had never met Brit before.  It went well in the sense that nothing bad happened, but this was probably the only moment they spent together so I'm not sure we can say they've actually met now.

The ants go marching 4 by 4 hurrah, hurrah.

Izzy was starting to loosen up in the end, but only if her mom threw the toy.

Vito was marching to the beat of his own drummer as usual.


Andrea said...

That looks like it went much better than some playgroups I've gone to! ;)

Paws on the Run said...

For the most part all these dogs know and love each other - they've stayed at each other's homes, gone on other group walks, etc. It would never go this well with my two if they were all strangers.

Jeremy Bates said...

Unlike humans, these guys appear to be having genuine fun and not arguing subsequent over politics or religion. lol

Great exercise!