Sunday, October 7, 2012

Spoiled Brat

So you know how I fell and broke my camera?  Well I sent it off to Canon to get it fixed and it turns out, they can't.  :(  At first I was really sad, but then I started thinking... maybe now is the time to upgrade my camera.  I hummed and hawed, and hummed and hawed some more and decided to bite the bullet and finally upgrade into the realm of "professional" equipment.  So I went out and bought a 5D Mark III.  I instantly took the girls out for a walk to give it a test drive.

Coulee took things very seriously.  LOL

I probably could have gotten this shot with any camera as she isn't even moving, but I LOVE this picture.  It is just so Lacey.


Taryn said...

So is it noticeably better? A big learning curve? Was that your 70-200 lens? Sorry for all the questions :-)

I did learn to love my long lens but it is hard to get the dogs far enough from my side to get easy pictures....

Paws on the Run said...

The photos are noticeably crisper and it definitely locks on focus better. Yes this is the 70-200 - I wanted a direct comparison for our first walk. I was able to use it straight out of the box with no problem but I need to read upon the focusing system to optimize it. The controls and layout are similar enough to the 7d to be comfortable to use right away. I played around with it at work to test out the high ISO and it was amazing. You can see some on our Facebook page under Paws on the Run.

onecollie said...

that camera is amazing!!! however you have to be an amazing photographer to get the picture :)

Andrea said... is incredible to see how crisp the photos are of Coulee in the tall grasses that are nearly the same color as she is. She still stands out!