Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Pressure

This is going to seem weird, but suddenly with a new camera I feel pressure for my photos to be instantly better and more interesting.  But I still have the same skills and my dogs still do the same things and really nothing much has changed, but I still feel like I should be better than I was.  Silly I know, but it is kind of taking the fun out of things.  I need to just relax and enjoy things again.

Does this camera make my nose look big?

Coulee's patience is wearing thin.

Lacey looking larger than life.

I feel a sassy bark coming on.

This is the first decent access to the lake on the route we take.  Coulee is still asking to go in every time we pass it.  But she won't go in unless I throw the toy which is nice because I don't want a pup-sicle.


She's really got to learn to tilt her head the other way to catch these.

Dry, yet wet.  Very weird.

Does the little bumpy things under her chin kind of gross out anyone else?  LOL

Searching for ground squirrels. She hasn't quite given up hope that they haven't gone underground for the winter.

A rare side view of Lacey - almost impossible for me to catch on my own - she is an out and back kind of girl.

She might look big, but the grass really isn't very tall.


Andrea said...

That first pic of Lacey looks much different! The new camera made he look much more serious!

K-Koira said...

I know how you feel. Spend the money on a new camera, new lens, etc, and you expect to see a huge difference right away. Unfortunately, at least in my experience, it takes a good while to learn all the ins and outs of a new camera or lens and figure out the best way to use them. And you are dealing with both a new camera and a new lens, so I'd say you should just be happy that your pictures are at least as good as they were!

Charlene and Storm said...

great pics as always, never feel bad about your pictures your capturing memories to keep forever and to me thats all that matters xxx

Charlene and Stormy

Blueberry's human said...

Gosh - I am no expert (I have a little digital camera that is like 6 years old) but I think your photos are really great!

And yes, those bumps, kinda gross! ;)