Monday, October 8, 2012

More Beach Photos

I'm sorry. I'm sure you must be tired of these by now, but I just can't help myself.

It's always nice to have someone else throw the toy but Marlin and I need to get our act together again.  The number of "natural" posed shots he ruined was frustrating.  One of the dogs would pause and look, I'd raise the camera up and he'd throw the toy, or call them or keep moving so they'd keep moving and the moment would be over before I could take a picture.  We seem to walk together so infrequently these days we were out of practice.  By the end, we were in the groove though.  :)

We were amazed the sand was blowing - it was really damp, but the wind was really strong too.

Leaning in to the blowing sand and wind.

She finally spotted the frisbee and had to pounce on it to make sure it didn't escape again.

I love this over the shoulder one.  She is definitely asking - Are you guys coming or what?

There were some pretty cool trees that had fallen into the reservoir and now that the water had receded, they made great places to explore.

Marlin made his way down to the shore in this rockier area so the girls could get a drink.  Lacey kept coming back to check on me.  :)

This makes it look so cold! You can see the white caps on the water and in the background you can just make out the snow covered mountains.

Marlin and the girls went up on what is normally dry land while I stayed down below where the water normally is.  There was a 10 foot cliff separating us.  Coulee was not happy with the separation.  I thought I could get some cool blue sky background pictures as she leaned over the edge but all I got was worried looks.  LOL  As we walked along Coulee would poke her head out every 30 seconds or so to make sure I was still following along.

Lacey wasn't much better.

They felt a little better when Marlin joined them at the edge though.

At this point we were STARVING.  We hadn't brought any food or drinks and even though we weren't ready to turn around, we had to go get something to eat.  So we started back and as we got closer to the car we saw some people sitting on the beach with a few dogs.  Then we realized it was more than one or two... which meant only one thing.  Amanda must be there with her crew!  LOL.  Amanda and "other Amanda" had also come out to enjoy the beach.  Those photos tomorrow!


Jennifer said...

I, for one, will NEVER get tired of your photos, so keep 'em coming!! :-)

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Taryn said...

Yes, me too, love your photos!

I hear you on having the shots ruined. At the beach, the same thing would happen to me. John was constantly in the way or throwing the ball the wrong direction. But we never got coordinate :-)