Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Operation Anti-Lick

Lacey has always had a habit of licking things... not us, or herself, but things like the floor or pillow she is laying on. I think it is a bit of a soothing habit - kind of like a young kid that sucks her thumb when she is just sitting around. Lacey used to do it once or twice a day and if we were home, we would just say her name and she would stop.  Recently however, it has become more constant and we come home to soaking wet pillows.  She'll still stop when we say her name, but we seem to be asking her to stop much more often.

This past year she has changed quite a bit - she is sassier and more playful at home but she is also less settled.  I don't mind the sass or the playfulness (I kind of like it!) but the less settled part is the concern and I think it is due to the reduction in exercise.  We now only walk every other day at the most and these walk are shorter and less active than before.  If I don't want Coulee to run, Lacey can't run either as one doesn't happen without the other.  Lacey doesn't run at all without Coulee along so going on off leash walks with just Lacey is a bit dull - for all of us.

But I think we are all going to have to suck it up, so today was the start of "Operation Anti-Lick".  I leashed up Lacey and left a crying Coulee behind (she really piled on the guilt this morning!).  Instead of a boring leash walk though, we met up with friends and the dogs had a bit of a romp.  I brought my camera but didn't take any pictures because we were too busy chatting.

I'll be loading up the iPod for Thursday's walk to take an edge off the boredom.  As an added bonus, Lacey's leash manners should improve, although they are actually pretty good when she doesn't have her sidekick with her.  We walked by someone today with little more than a sideways glance but if it had been all three of us, I would have been trying to control two barking, lunging dogs.


Taryn said...

Wilson does that licking thing just to our sofa. Same thing...call his name, tell him to stop, and it's done. But, ewww, it's gross for the sofa. Fortunately, he doesn't do it very often and not at all when we are gone.

Andrea said...

Our dogs used to lick the kitchen cabinets! That made me a little nuts!